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 SZS file list

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PostSubject: SZS file list   Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:41 pm


la_bike = Flame Runner
la_kart = Offroader
lb_bike = Wario Bike
lb_kart = Flame Flyer
lc_bike = Shooting Star
lc_kart = Piranha Prowler
ld_bike = Spear
ld_kart = Jetsetter
ldf_bike = Standard Bike L
ldf_kart = Standard Kart L
ldf_bike_blue = Standard Bike L (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
ldf_bike_red = Standard Bike L (Battle Mode + Red Team)
ldf_kart_blue = Standard Kart L (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
ldf_kart_red = Standard Kart L (Battle Mode + Red Team)
le_bike = Phantom
le_kart = Honeycoupe

ma_bike = Mach Bike
ma_kart = Classic Dragster
mb_bike = Sugarscoot
mb_kart = Wild Wing
mc_bike = Zip Zip
mc_kart = Super Blooper
md_bike = Sneakster
md_kart = Daytripper
mdf_bike = Standard Bike M
mbf_kart = Standard Kart M
mdf_bike_blue = Standard Bike M (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
mdf_bike_red = Standard Bike M (Battle Mode + Red Team)
mdf_kart_blue = Standard Kart M (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
mdf_kart_red = Standard Kart M (Battle Mode + Red Team)
me_bike = Dolphin Dasher
me_kart = Sprinter

sa_bike = Bullet Bike
sa_kart = Booster Seat
sb_bike = Bit Bike
sb_kart = Mini Beast
sc_bike = Quacker
sc_kart = Cheep Charger
sd_bike = Magikruiser
sd_kart = Tiny Titan
sdf_bike = Standard Bike S
sdf_kart = Standard Kart S
sdf_bike_blue = Standard Bike S (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
sdf_bike_red = Standard Bike S (Battle Mode + Red Team)
sdf_kart_blue = Standard Kart S (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
sdf_kart_red = Standard Kart S (Battle Mode + Red Team)
se_bike = Jet Bubble
se_kart = Blue Falcon

Add at the end of these names...

-bds = Baby Daisy
-bk = Dry Bowser
-blg = Baby Luigi
-bmr = Baby Mario
-bpc = Baby Peach
-ca = Birdo
-dd = Diddy Kong
-dk = Donkey Kong
-ds = Daisy
-ds3 = Daisy (Biker Outfit)*
-fk = Funky Kong
-jr = Bowser Jr.
-ka = Dry Bones
-kk = Toadette
-ko = Toad
-kp = Bowser
-kt = King Boo
-la_mii_f = Large Mii Outfit A (Female)
-la_mii_m = Large Mii Outfit A (Male)
-lb_mii_f = Large Mii Outfit B (Female)
-lb_mii_m = Large Mii Outfit B (Male)
-lg = Luigi
-ma_mii_f = Medium Mii Outfit A (Female)
-ma_mii_m = Medium Mii Outfit A (Male)
-mb_mii_f = Medium Outfit B (Female)
-mb_mii_m = Medium Mii Outfit B (Male)
-mr = Mario
-nk = Koopa Troopa
-pc = Peach
-pc3 = Peach (Biker Outfit)*
-rs = Rosalina
-rs3 = Rosalina (Biker Outfit)*
-sa_mii_f = Small Mii Outfit A (Female)
-sa_mii_m = Small Mii Outfit A (Male)
-sb_mii_f = Small Mii Outfit B (Female)
-sb_mii_m = Small Mii Outfit B (Male)
-wl = Waluigi
-wr = Wario
-ys = Yoshi

Example: Yoshi's Mach bike = ma_bike-ys
Obviously, there isn't funky's blue falcon and things like this ^^


Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit beginner_course.szs
Moo Moo Meadows farm_course.szs
Mushroom George kinoko_course.szs
Toads Factory factory_course.szs

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit castle_course.szs
Coconut Mall shopping_course.szs
DK's Snowboard Cross boardcross_course.szs
Wario's Gold Mine truck_course.szs

Star Cup
Daisy Circuit senior_course.szs
Koopa Cape water_course.szs
Maple Treeway treeway_course.szs
Grumble Volcano volcano_course.szs

Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins desert_course.szs
Moonview Highway highway_course.szs
Bowser's Castle koopa_course.szs
Rainbow Road rainbow_course.szs
__________________________________________________ _____

Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach old_peach_gc.szs
DS Yoshi Falls old_falls_ds.szs
SNES Ghost Valley old_obake_sfc.szs
N64 Mario Raceway old_mario_64.szs

Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land old_sherbet_64.szs
GBA Shy Guy Beach old_heyho_gba.szs
DS Delfino Square old_town_ds.szs
GCN Waluigi Stadium old_waluigi_gc.szs

Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills old_desert_ds.szs
GBA Bowser Castle old_koopa_gba.szs
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway old_donkey_64.szs
GCN Mario Circuit old_mario_gc.szs

Lighting Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 old_mario_sfc.szs
DS Peach Gardens old_garden_ds.szs
NGC DK Mountain old_donkey_gc.szs
N64 Bowser Castle old_koopa_64.szs


block_battle.szs = block plaza
casino_battle.szs = ChainChomp Roulette
old_battle3_gba.szs = GBA Battle Course 3
old_battle4_sfc.szs = SNES Battle Course 4
old_cookieland_gc.szs = GCN Cookieland
old_house_ds.szs = DS Twilight House
old_matenro_64.szs = N64 Sky Scraper
sand_battle.szs = Thwomp Desert
skate_battle.szs = Funky Stadium
venice_battle.szs = Delfino Pier


Mushroom Cup

1-Luigi Circuit -> n_circuit32_n (_f the last round)
2 Moo Moo Meadows -> n_farm_n (_f the last round)
3-Mushroom Gorge -> n_kinoko_n (_f the last round)
4-Toad's Factory -> STRM_N_FACTORY_N (_f the last round)

Flower Cup

5-Mario Circuit -> n_circuit32_n (_f the last round)
6-Coconut Mall -> n_shopping32_n (_f the last round)
7-DK Summit -> n_snowboard32_n (_f the last round)
8-Wario's Gold Mine-> STRM_N_TRUCK_N (_f the last round)

Star Cup

9-Daisy Circuit -> n_daisy32_n (_f the last round)
10-Koopa Cape -> STRM_N_WATER_N (_f the last round)
11-Maple Treeway -> n_maple_n (_f the last round)
12-Grumble Volcano -> n_volcano32_n (_f the last round)

Special Cup

13-Dry Dry Ruins -> STRM_N_DESERT_N (_f the last round)
14-Moon View Highway -> STRM_N_RIDGEHIGHWAY_N (_f the last round)
15-Bowser's Castle -> STRM_N_KOOPA_N (_f the last round)
16-Rainbow Road -> n_rainbow32_n (_f the last round)

Shell Cup

17-GCN Peach Beach -> r_gc_beach32_n (_f the last round)
18-DS Yoshi Falls -> r_ds_jungle32_n (_f the last round)
19-SNES Ghost Valley 2 -> r_sfc_obake32_n (_f the last round)
20-N64 Mario Raceway -> r_64_circuit32_n (_f the last round)

Banana Cup

21-N64 Sherbet Land -> r_64_sherbet32_n (_f the last round)
22-GBA Shyguy Beach -> r_agb_beach32_n (_f the last round)
23-DS Delfino -> r_ds_town32_n (_f the last round)
24-GCN Waluigi Stadium -> r_gc_stadium32_n (_f the last round)

Leaf Cup

25-DS Desert Hills -> r_ds_desert32_n (_f the last round)
26-GBA Bowser Castle 3 -> r_agb_kuppa32_n (_f the last round)
27-N64 DK Jungle Parkway -> r_64_jungle32_n (_f the last round)
28-GCN Mario Circuit -> r_gc_circuit32_n (_f the last round)

Lightning Cup

29-SNES Mario Circuit 3 -> r_sfc_circuit32_n (_f the last round)
30-DS Peach Garden -> r_ds_garden32_n (_f the last round)
31-GCN DK Mountain -> r_gc_mountain32_n (_f the last round)
32-N64 Bowser's Castle -> r_64_kuppa32_n (_f the last round)

Take out the * before each BRSTM name

* o_FanfareTA1st_32.brstm-------> finish first / Winning Results (Battle)
* o_FanfareTA1st_only32.brstm---> Finish First (Battle)
* o_hyousyou_cut.brstm----------> Trophy Presentation (shorter)
* o_hyousyou_lose.brstm---------> No trophy for you!
* o_hyousyou_normal.brstm-------> trophy presentations (short)
* o_hyousyou_winningrun.brstm---> Trophy Presentation
* o_Option_32.brstm-------------> options
* o_Start2_32_fan.brstm---------> start your engines (time trial)
* o_Start32_fan.brstm-----------> Start Your Engines (Race)
* strm_me.brstm ----------------> band/ fanfare
* o_Wi-Fi_waiting32.brstm--------> waiting to join (Fi)
* o_Crs_In_Fan.brstm intro-------> race (race)
* o_Crs_In_Fan_battle.brstm-----> race intro (battle)
* o_Crs_In_Fan_Wifi.brstm-------> race intro (Fi)
* o_Ending_PartA_32.brstm ------>- generique1 end-game (luigi circuit)
* o_FanfareBTdraw_32.brstm-----> draw / Winning Results (Battle)
* o_FanfareGP1_32.brstm---------> finish first / Winning Results (Race)
* o_FanfareGP1_only32.brstm-----> Finish First (Race)
* o_FanfareGP2_32.brstm---------> finish ok / Winning Results (Race)
* o_FanfareGP2_only32.brstm-----> finish ok (race)
* o_FanfareGPdame_32.brstm -----> finish-out / losing results (race)
* o_FanfareGPdame_only32.brstm--> finish out (race)
* o_FanfareMIlose_32.brstm-------> defeat / Losing Results (Battle)
* o_FanfareMIlose_only32.brstm---> Defeat (Battle)
* o_FanfareMIwin_32.brstm-------> victory / Winning Results (Time Trial)
* o_FanfareMIwin_only32.brstm---> Victory (Time Trial)
* o_FanfareMIWinBoss_32.brstm---> victory / Winning Results (Competition)

Battle Stages:

Delfino Pier = n_venice_n (F for the last minute)
Funky Stadium = n_skate_n (F for the last minute)
N64 SkyScraper = r_64_battle_n (F for the last minute)
GBA Battle Course 3= r_agb_battle_n (F for the last minute) and yes, is "agb", not "gba"
DS Twilight House = r_DS_battle_n (F for the last minute)
SNES Battle Course 4 = r_sfc_battle_n (F for the last minute)
Block Plaza = n_block_n (F for the last minute)
ChainChomp Roulette = n_casino_n (F for the last minute)
GCN Cookieland = r_GC_Battle32_n (F for the last minute)
Thwomp Desert = n_ryuusa_n (F for the last minute) <- NOT SURE


banana.thp ----- Banana Cup Courses
battle_cup_select.thp ----- All Battle Cup Stages
battle_retro.thp ----- Retro Battle Cup Stages
battle_wii.thp ----- Wii Battle Cup Stages
cup_select.thp ----- All Racing Cup Courses
flower.thp ----- Flower Cup Courses
kinoko.thp ----- Mushroom Cup Courses
konoha.thp ----- Leaf Cup Courses
koura.thp ----- Shell Cup Courses
special.thp ----- Special Cup Courses
star.thp ----- Star Cup Courses
lightning.thp ----- Lighning Cup Courses

class_top.thp ----- Racers Racing When Choosing GP Class
drift_select.thp ----- Mario Racing In A Kart Showing Automatic Or Manual When Choosing Drift Mode
indiv_team.thp ----- Pedestal Of Celebrating Racers When Choosing Team Race Or Solo
multi_top.thp ----- Gameplay Of VS Race And Battle When Choosing One After Choosing Multiplayer Mode
single_top.thp ----- Gameplay Of VS Race And Battle When Choosing One After Chossing Single Player Mode
top_menu.thp ----- Little Animations In The Title Screen Right After You Choose Your License

ending_normal.thp ----- After Getting Gold Cups On All Cups 150cc And Below, It Is The Ending Scene After Sunset Luigi Circuit And Shows A Little Box In The Corner Showing This
ending_true.thp ----- After Getting Gold Cups On ALL Cups Including Mirror, It Is The Ending Scene After Sunset Luigi Circuit And Shows A Little Box In The Corner Showing This


Award_*.szs ----- Award Ceremony
Channel_*.szs ----- Mario Kart Wii Channel
Event_*.szs ----- Most Likely A Tournament, But Not 100% Sure
Globe_*.szs ----- Nintendo WFC
MenuMulti_*.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Multi Player
MenuSingle_*.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Single Player
Present_*.szs ----- Getting New Character/Vehicle Screen
Race_*.szs ----- A VS Race Or Battle
Title_*.szs ----- Title Screens Until The Screen After Choosing License

* = Language

E=English PAL
U=English NTSC
S=Spanish PAL
F=French PAL
C=Chinese <- NOT SURE
Q=French NTSC (Q standing for Quebec?)
M=Spanish NTSC (M standing for Mexico?)


*-allkart.szs ----- Character's Vehicles
*-allkart_BT.szs ----- Character's Vehicles (Battle Mode)

* = character (same list as in the first part; Example: Yoshi in the menu = ys_allkart)




Award.szs ----- Award Ceremony
Channel.szs ----- Mario Kart Wii Channel
Event.szs ----- Most Likely A Tournament, But Not 100% Sure
Globe.szs ----- Nintendo WFC
MenuMulti.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Multi Player
MenuSingle.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Single Player
Present.szs ----- Getting New Character/Vehicle Screen
Race.szs ----- A VS Race Or Battle
Title.szs ----- Title Screens Until The Screen After Choosing License


common.szs (everything is here)


font.szs (font_K.szs in the Korean game)


english.szs = english
italian.szs = italian
for all languages




CommonObj01.szs = Portals (Like in KC's competitions)
CommonObj02.szs = coin
CommonObj03.szs = ramp models
CommonObj04.szs = kinoko's
CommonObj05.szs = pipe, goomba, woodboxes, oil stain, pylon
CommonObj06.szs = chain chomp, and rolling chomp
CommonObj07.szs = hanachan (i have no idea how i can tell you the right english word)
CommonObj08.szs = Dry Bowser's Fire Breath
CommonObj09.szs = that thing in desert hills
CommonObj10.szs = thwomp
CommonObj11.szs = bomb car
CommonObj12.szs = bat, dk mountain rock, cataquack



Guess the languages


Backmodel.szs -> the waving flag when you are on VS race, the cup when u r on a GP, the 2 balloons when u r battling, the cronometer when on tt (hard to understand maybe)
Earth.szs -> maybe the earth's textures (when u r on wfc)... all the textures are like 8x8 pixels, and the 3d model is empty


draw_demo.szs (like MC, no textures, no lap, no checkpoints)
winningrun_demo.szs (Same, but with textures)
loser_demo.szs (same, u start inside a wall)
ring_mission.szs (Galaxy Colosseum)
old_mario_gc_b.szs (slightly different gcn mc)
MiiBody.szs (contains mii animation and textures... but idk where those textures are used...)



Huge thanks to ☆Enryx☆ for making this! =D
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SZS file list
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